Cymru Hosting maintains two backups of your full cPanel account – one daily, and one weekly. This backup contains everything. Files, databases, DNS entries, e-mails, cron jobs – everything. The only difference between the daily and weekly backups is the e-mail folder.

With Jetbackup, you don’t need to contact Cymru Hosting support to restore a file, a database, or even your entire account. You can see at a glance, the list of your existing backups and handle everything on your own. Other web hosts tend to make this process a bit difficult – maybe they make you open a ticket. Others even charge for restorations!

With Cymru Hosting, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You have unlimited, fine grain restorations available for you. And Jetbackup also allows you to create snapshots of your website at no extra charge!

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