Benefits of Cymru Hosting VPN

Our VPN works with just about everything. Install the app on all your devices and enjoy up to ten simultaneous connections for a low price

Easy to use

Just Install our software and enter your username and password and then select anywhere for over 35 locations worldwide.

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we do not log user activity or share data with third parties. Our anonymous VPN service keeps your browsing history private and enables an internet without surveillance.

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You can use own own software or you are free to use other vpn software like OpenVpn or WireShark.

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F.A.Q. Cymru Hosting's VPN

Some Quick Questions about our VPN Service.

How many connections can I have have?
  • You can have up to 10 connections per account.

Does P2P and torrents work with the VPN?
  • We support both P2P downloads or torrents. You can connect with any server and use them for P2P or torrents.

Does VPNresellers keep logs?
  • No, Cymru Hosting does not keep any records or logs of any kind

Do the accounts have unlimited bandwidth?
  • yes 100% unlimited. We do not log, so we don’t know how much bandwidth is used, so yes its unlimited.